Razor Aerial Productions Inc.

Darren Keuhl

The founder of Razor Aerial Productions Inc. has over 32 years of public service as a first responder in our Kingston community.

He developed and implemented the Kingston Police drone program, leading his team utilizing commercial drones in collision reconstruction site mapping, missing person searches, aerial videography/photography, operational support, and drone thermography (Infrared inspections)

Taking the skills learned in public sector operational drone (RPAS) flying and applying them to private sector

Providing professional experience to Razor Aerial Productions Inc. customers requiring drone services in the Eastern Ontario Region

Darren continues to instruct first responders and industry partners, developing training courses, and maintaining current best practices in drone technology as a member of the Canadian Emergency Responders Robotic Association

Darren is also a primary drone instructor with the RMUS Canada Team


Mitchell Keuhl

Mitchell has a creative eye and brings a fresh outlook with new ideas as well as his detail to editing.

Mitchell is an advanced certified RPAS (Drone) Operator with an excellent skill set on all our advanced drone systems. 

Welcome to the team Mitchell

Razor Aerial Productions Inc.

Josh Brimble

Josh has extensive experience operating the most advanced commercial drone systems available in the current market.

Josh brings a wealth of operational training to our team as a first responder operating the latest drone technology with a keen insight into aerial cinematography.
Josh has operated both in the public and private sectors as an advanced drone operator and drone instructor for RMUS Canada.

Welcome to the team!


Operational Experience Abroad with Global Medic Non-Profit Drone Program

We are experienced in collecting data, and aerial video utilizing commercial-grade drones in global disaster zones when called to assist.

(Hurricane Dorian Bahamas 2019, St. Vincent LaSoufriere Volcanic Eruption 2021)

Operating the latest drone technologies in Global Humanitarian Relief Efforts with Global Medic, volunteering our experience when called to deploy

Razor Aerial Productions Inc.
Razor Aerial Productions Inc.

Allow us to create your aerial video

Our Drone Operators will capture your Photos and Video in high resolution, utilizing the cinematic Inspire 2 technology, yielding stunning post-production results.

We will customize our flights to your project needs by utilizing our wide array of flight systems.

Have a look at our photo gallery and start your project with us today.

Professional & Industry Proven

Razor Aerial Productions Inc. is a drone photography and video company committed to maintaining proficiency in the latest drone systems.

Our extensive field experience in front-line drone deployment on the most advanced systems guarantees your satisfaction.

Razor Aerial Productions Inc.

Our Drone Pilots

Advanced Certified Drone operators who hold Flight Evaluator Certification through Transport Canada with unmatched experience in the area, serving Eastern Ontario,

Our team has a proven track record in professional aerial photography and video, specializing in capturing a unique aerial perspective.


Razor Aerial Productions Inc.
Razor Aerial Productions Inc.

Dedicated and Ready To Serve

Our Company's name is derived from our founder's service dog, “Razor” (Retired).

The pair served together as a canine team for 6 years.

Razor was the first police dog to ever serve with the Kingston Police K9-1.

A loyal, dedicated partner who performed admirably serving our Kingston community as a first responder, it was only fitting that he be remembered in such a fond way!

Friends of Razor Aerial Productions Inc.